Video Pipeline Inspection in Pocatello

Video Pipeline Inspection Services in Pocatello, ID

You can count on Pocatello Roto-Rooter to have the latest equipment including video pipeline inspection equipment, like in-line cameras that help us find the clog. We’re experts at plumbing and drain cleaning. There are some nasty clogs that we’ve removed over the years and while our technicians are highly trained and can fix just about anything, the fact that we have the latest and greatest equipment doesn’t hurt either. Our skilled plumbers, combined with our state-of-the-art plumbing repair equipment, make Roto-Rooter Pocatello the best place to call when you have a clogged pipe.

Video Camera Inspection for Pipes

Pipes are hard to see into, that’s why we use a video camera specially designed to see into pipes. We insert a flexible fiber optic cable with a high-resolution video camera on its tip into the pipe. The camera is specially designed to be rugged and waterproof. It is equipped with bright lights so we can see clearly. As the cable is pushed into the pipe, it records its findings. These images are transmitted to the plumber operating the camera. Video inspection really helps our plumbers to see and diagnose the problem for a fast fix. Sometimes you just need the clog removed. Other times, the pipe may be damaged and need repairs. The cameras can also be sent back in to verify that the obstruction has been removed and everything is flowing freely.

Video Camera Inspections Identify Many Problems

Shifting soil due to freezing/thawing and natural settling, corrosion, broken seals, root infiltration, and age all contribute to pipe problems that require cleaning, repair, or replacement. With the video camera inspections, we can pinpoint where and what the problem is. Video camera inspections are able to help us find and diagnose the following problems:

Blockage – grease, food, and foreign objects all work together to create a clog.

Cracked or Broken Pipes – these require repair or replacement.

Offset Pipe – sections of sewer pipe can become misaligned due to shifting ground.

Bellied Pipe – sections of pipe sink creating a valley where debris gathers.

Broken Seals – leaks occur where joints have separated.

Root Intrusion – roots can grow into the pipe and block flow.

Corrosion – after years underground, the material pipes are made of can corrode and deteriorate.

Inferior Pipes – pipes can be made of outdated and/or substandard materials that have deteriorated

If you suspect underground pipe problems, call Pocatello Roto-Rooter for fast, accurate clog removal, pipe repair and pipe replacement. Our video camera inspections let us see exactly what the problem is.

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