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At Pocatello Roto-Rooter, many pipes that we have to repair are located underground. The trouble with underground pipes is they aren’t visible, so they can be difficult to locate when they have to be checked. Additionally, when you dig up a pipe, there can be repair costs associated with repairs to concrete floors, driveways, sidewalks, etc. that may be damaged from the digging. While we do have methods of pipe cleaning like water jetting, that don’t require digging, and we have video cameras that can see inside a pipe to locate a clog, we realized that we needed a way of locating leaks in underground water, drain, and sewer pipes to minimize the damage and cost of inaccurate digging. So how do you locate an underground pipe you can’t see? Simple, use your ears.

Modern Leak Detecting Equipment

The equipment we use at Roto-Rooter Pocatello to detect water leaks in pipes is really quite amazing. When water leaks from a pressurized pipe, it causes the pipe to vibrate at the exit point which makes a noise; not a noise you can hear with the naked ear above the ground, but a noise that can be heard underground. We use sonic equipment to locate the source of the sound. The sensitive headphones, microphone and amplifier with noise filters help us determine the water leak location and then we know exactly where to dig.

Leak Detection Saves Money

Say there is an underground pipe leaking into your basement or the sewer is leaking and you want to know whether the leak is in the part of the pipe you’re responsible for, or the part the city is responsible for. There are times when you need to locate the leak before you dig. Fortunately, Roto-Rooter of Pocatello has professional leak detecting equipment that allows one of our plumbers to pinpoint the exact location of the leak.

If you’re not sure if you have a pipe leak, give us a call. We can locate the leak with our leak detecting equipment and save you money by not digging in the wrong area. Call your Pocatello Roto-Rooter for the most sophisticated pipeline location services.

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