Top Three Plumbing Myths

You may not give your plumbing system much thought on a daily basis. As long as the toilets flush and the drains flow, you might figure that everything is fine. Unfortunately, there are a lot of plumbing myths out there that could lead to considerable damage to your plumbing fixtures and pipes. You may have heard of one of these three popular plumbing myths, and we want to keep you informed so that you can take care of and protect your plumbing system before it’s too late.

Learn about the top plumbing myths and what you should do if you notice a problem with your home’s plumbing fixtures or pipes.

Don’t Believe the Product’s Label

Even if a product claims that it is biodegradable, you may want to take those claims with a grain of salt. Trust us when we say that tampons, baby wipes, and sanitary napkins should never be flushed down the toilet. These products take a long time to break down in the sewer system. Paper towels, paper napkins, plastic items, and pills should also never go down the toilet. If your goldfish died, avoid flushing it. Your plumbing system will thank you.

Drain Cleaners and Your Pipes

Your bathroom drain has a hairball in it, so you naturally head to the big-box store and purchase a bottle of Drano or another drain cleaning product, right? You might be surprised to learn that Drano is not the best solution for unclogging a drain. The chemicals are harsh, and they could splash onto your eyes or skin, causing some pretty unpleasant injuries. When you have a severely clogged drain, it is best to a plumber for professional assistance.

Toilet Tablets Are a Good Way to Keep the Bowl Clean

Let’s face it: Few people like to clean the toilet. Those bleach tablets that you drop into the tank can be pretty tempting. Unfortunately, they can destroy the working parts of the toilet within six months. The chemicals wear out the rubber flapper, metal, or plastic chain and other essential parts. It is safer and better for your toilet to use a diluted bleach solution in the bowl. Do your toilet a favor and skip the tank additives.

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