How Sump Pumps Save Your Basement From Flooding

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It’s that time of year again. The weather is finally starting to warm up, the snow is melting, and everyone is generally in a better mood. However, April showers don’t just bring May flowers, they bring flooded basements too!

If you weren’t considering an underground swimming pool reno this spring, a few handy fixes, a sump pump, and a little help from Roto Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service in Pocatello, ID can help keep your basement free and clear of floods.

Why does water get into the basement?

The problem: Water outside is finding its way into your basement via cracks or holes in the foundation.

The fix: Fill any gaps in the foundation with hydraulic cement to seal larger cracks and waterproof your walls with paint-like products to fill up any smaller holes.

The problem: Your yard is sloped slightly towards your home, leading water runoff straight towards your foundation.

The fix: Build up the “crown” of soil around your home so that it slopes away from the foundation, about 6 inches in slope for approximately 10 feet surrounding the home.

The problem: Your gutter system is either poorly installed, clogged, or both.

The fix: Be sure to give your gutters a good cleaning twice per year. If they’re free of debris and still causing you trouble, the water may be draining too close to your home. Consider adding plastic or metal gutter extensions or an underground drain pipe to help alleviate this issue.

How can a sump pump help with basement flooding?

No one wants to anticipate a flooded basement, but sometimes it’s best to hope for the best and plan for the worst. That’s where a sump pump comes in!

Of course, all of the fixes above take some time and elbow grease, so installing a sump pump should be your first line of defense in the meantime. Sump pumps gather any extra water in the basement in a sump pit that is carved into your basement floor. When it reaches a predetermined level, it gets rid of the excess water through a local sewer drain. Instead of letting water pool in your basement, damaging your home and your possessions, a sump pump will help dispose of it automatically!
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