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Pocatello Sewer Cleaning & Repairs

The thought of sewer lines and sewer cleaning leaves most home and business owners a little queasy. We don’t blame you. It’s not a pretty job. But at Roto-Rooter Pocatello, it’s a job we’re very good at. We specialize in sewer cleaning and repairs and we have the knowledge and the equipment to get your sewer lines cleaned and repaired quickly. When you have a clogged sewer line, call Roto-Rooter of Pocatello.

Water Jetting Cleans Sewer Pipes

At Roto-Rooter we use advanced technology like water jetting to clean your sewer lines. For sewer clogs water jetting is a great tool. With water jetting, a nozzle is attached to the end of a high pressure hose. The other end is attached to a high pressure water pump. The jetting nozzle restricts water flow causing high pressure to build up in the hose. This pressure, when released from the hose through the nozzle creates thrust. This is how the hose is propelled through the sewer line. An operator controls how fast and how far the water jet goes up the pipe. The pressurized water that comes out of the water jets powers off the debris, roots, etc. that are causing the blockage.

Sewer Pipe Repair and Pipe Replacement

Sometimes, just cleaning a sewer line isn’t enough. When sewer lines get damaged, Roto-Rooter of Pocatello is ready to repair or replace them too. We perform hundreds of residential and commercial sewer pipe repairs and replacements every year. Usually, sewer lines are repaired by digging down to the pipe with a backhoe and then either repairing or replacing the part of the sewer line that is broken. But we also offer trenchless repairs. Trenchless repairs work underground so there is less damage to parking lots, sidewalks, roads, landscaping, or whatever is above the pipe. There are two trenchless repair methods. The first is pipe bursting where a hydraulic machine pulls full-sized sewer pipe through the old pipe bursting it and breaking up the old pipe as it goes and completely replacing it. The second method is pipe relining. The pipe is relined with an epoxy material that molds to the inside to create a new inner wall. Call your Pocatello Roto-Rooter for help with sewer pipe repair and replacement.

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