Drain Cleaning Services in Pocatello Idaho by Roto-Rooter

Drain Cleaning Services in Pocatello, ID

When you have drain problems, Roto-Rooter Pocatello is the plumbing and drain cleaning company to call. We have been drain cleaning experts for over 75 years and our plumbers have the experience and the equipment to clear your drains fast. Whether it’s a sink, toilet, tub, sewer or storm drain, the drain cleaners at Roto-Rooter can handle it. Our drain cleaning experts offer complete drain services including:

  • Sink and toilet drains
  • Shower drains and floor drains
  • Sewer drain cleaning and high pressure water jetting
  • Video camera line inspections
  • Sewer drain pipe repair and replacement
  • Storm drain cleaning and repair
  • Catch basin and lateral line cleaning
  • Lift station cleaning and repairs
  • Customized maintenance programs
  • Drain cleaning products and automated systems

Residential and Commercial Drain Cleaning

Roto-Rooter of Pocatello serves both homeowners and business owners. When you need drain cleaning help, we are there fast. Our 24-hour emergency service means our experts are always standing by to clear your drains in a hurry. As a homeowner, we know how inconvenient and messy plumbing repairs can be. And as a business owner, we know time lost is money lost, so we make sure our plumbers carry the parts they may need in their vans. When they show up to your home or business, they mean business. Our experts will have your drain unclogged and cleaned as soon as possible.

Water Jetting Drain Cleaners

At Roto-Rooter of Pocatello, we use the latest technology to make sure our drain cleaning services are state of the art. We use water jetting to clear drain and sewer pipes quickly and completely. For water jetting, we attach a jetting nozzle to the end of a high pressure hose. The other end is connected to a high pressure water pump. As the pressurized water leaves the hose it creates thrust that propels the jet through the pipe. An operator controls the speed and distance the hose travels up the pipe. The pressurized water is able to remove blockages such as debris and roots from the inside of the pipe. This type of water jetting technology can clean all sizes of pipes.

Call your Pocatello Roto-Rooter if you need drain cleaning or sewer cleaning services.

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