Do’s and Don’ts of Septic Tank Maintenance

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need regular maintenance. You wouldn’t skip your regular car maintenance or home maintenance (or at least, we hope you wouldn’t!), so it goes without saying that you shouldn’t neglect your septic system, either. Replacing your septic tank can be costly, so it’s beneficial for your system and your wallet to keep it maintained regularly.
A functional septic system consists of a large, underground tank, an inlet for the drain pipe that comes from your house, and an outlet that goes to the field lines buried in your yard. When working properly and well-maintained, it should be odorless. Regular maintenance is not complicated, and can extend the life of your system.


Here are some do’s and don’t of septic tank maintenance.

Do: Protect the Parts

Your system only works as well as its individual parts. Make sure you know where all the components of your system are located so you don’t accidentally ruin or damage them. Keep trees away so their roots can’t compromise the system.

Do: Divert Rainwater

If your drainfield is waterlogged from rain, it can’t absorb and neutralize liquid waste. Plan your landscaping, gutters, and drains accordingly.

Do: Perform Regular Maintenance

Routine maintenance will extend the life of your system. Solids should be pumped out of the tank every 2-3 years, depending on the size of your family. We recommend adding Roto Rooter Septic Tank Treatment every 6 months between pumping’s. Hire a septic tank service professional for all necessary inspections and repairs. Before the truck arrives, it’s more efficient to ensure that the lid septic tank lid that is at least 24 inches in diameter is accessible. Keep records of each service.

Do: Install an Effluent Filter

Your filter will prevent solids from entering into your leachfield. Filters should be cleaned or replaced during each service.

Don’t: Drive Over your Drain Field

Never, ever drive over your drainfield: the weight of your vehicle can crack the pipes.

Don’t: Overload the Septic System

Conserve your water usage so you don’t overfill your tank. Do small loads of laundry and wait until the dishwasher is full to run it. Consider installing a low flow toilet.

Don’t: Dump or Flush Irresponsibly

Anything that won’t decompose doesn’t belong in your septic tank. Avoid plugging your system with cooking fats, paper towels, tissues, diapers, cat litter, coffee grounds, etc. Your septic tank is not a garbage disposal, and these items will cause problems in a shorter time than you may think.

Don’t: Use Chemicals in Excess

Bleachers, drain cleaners, and detergents are all okay in moderation, but in excess they can stop the bacterial action in the septic tank. Stronger chemicals such as paint, paint thinners, floor cleaners, motor products, and pesticides should be avoided.

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